Telecommunications Director: Job Description and Education

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Telecommunications Director must be able to perform fundamental obligations and duties outlined in the Tele-Communication Specialist and Lead Operator sets of expectations.
• Administers and organizes the functions and staff of the Communications division.
• Responsible for the arrangement and maintenance of the operating and capital budget.
• Establishes, recognizes, and ensures telecom systems and principles are set up to advance patient's security through constant monitoring of different alert systems, effective conveyance of communications all through the facility, installation, and maintenance of Patient TV service and AV services.
• Analyzes department performance according to established objectives, implements change to impact ceaseless improvement in services provided.
• Ensures the department complies with The Joint Commission, State, and Federal administrative organizations.
• Ability to analyze operational data and verified management methods to acquire maximum effectiveness and efficiency.
• Coordinate different department functions and exercises for maximum operation and productivity.
• Direct lead and staff in verified strategies, methodology, and practices.
• Ability to respond to everyday issues and unexpected circumstances.
• Ability to work successfully and establish working connections with workers, vendors, clinical staff, and the general population.
• Perform different obligations as required.

IT and Telecommunications Directors Tasks:

  • Consults senior management the IT/telecommunications and develops new strategies for the company;
  • Coordinates the execution within its company of IT/telecommunications technique, infrastructure, acquirement, methodology, and principles;
  • Builds up the periodic business plan and operational budget for IT/telecommunications to convey agreed service levels;
  • Thinks about the necessary IT/telecommunications staffing levels, supervises enrollment and arrangement of staff, and coordinates training strategy;
  • Organizes and plans significant IT/telecommunications projects;
  • Guarantees that new technologies are explored and assessed in light of the company's wide prerequisites.


• Possesses a serious level of authority, inspiration, self-motivation, and initiative
• Experience in driving teams and driving change
• Demonstrates exclusive standards of expert lead and develops an organizational culture that cultivates collaboration
• Excellent verbal communication skills
• Communicates confidently and delivers a great picture of the organization
• Mentors and inspires staff
• Ability to facilitate team processes toward defined results
• Effectively utilizes technology as required
• Effective problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills

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